Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy {day after} Halloween!
I wanted to create this post yesterday, but silly me left my phone {my make shift camera} sitting on my desk! So, I'm a day late.  {Early p.s. - don't forget to register for my giveaway!}

We started the day with a read aloud of three informational texts on bats.  I was stunned by how my firsties were fascinated!  I am discovering that my littles love non-fiction - it's just hard for them to read on their own right now.

After reading and learning about bats, they wrote two things they learned.  They did such a great job - I was extremely proud!
 This young lady wrote "Thay use ecollcason. Bas ary wm blude." {Translation: They use echolocation.  Bats are warm blooded.}  I don't know about you, but there's something endearing about phonetic spelling!

After they finished writing and coloring their bat picture, we created bats! Here are some of the finished products.

My kiddos did such a great job!  {The writing prompt paper and the bat template were a wonderful freebie from A Cupcake for the Teacher.}

After lunch, computer lab, and specials, we got back to the classroom for some more Halloween fun.  We had been learning how to use addition to help subtract - so I decided we would use Primary Graffiti's's Candy Corn Fact Family packet!  I only used the recording sheet - I gave them all candy corn and they used a ten frame to create their fact families.
Of course they got to eat the candy corn after we finished! {I noticed one of my little ladies was missing the white tips off of all of her candy corn...hmmm....}

Alas, it was Wednesday which means we had early dismissal.  I wanted to use Miss Kindergarten's Halloween Safety Book.  I ended up reading it to the class and sending it home with the students to complete since we ran out of time.  Boo. :(

Of course the day ended with way too much sugar and hyperactiveness as the kiddos got more and more excited about what was still to come in the evening.

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Happy teaching!

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