Monday, November 5, 2012

Motivational Monday {Linky}

Greetings all!  Today marks a brand new school week and fresh start!

For this weeks Motivational Monday {hosted by Sara, Kimberly, and I} I wanted to do a simple quote or comic - but I came across an excerpt from Chicken Soup for the Teacher's Soul...I just have to share it.  It's a reminder of why we do what we do.  Enjoy. :) {I apologize - it is rather lengthy.  But it's a good read!}


Why Choose Teaching?

by Bonnie Block

My family was gathered for a leisurely summer barbecue when the discussion arose about a celebrity who earned an excessive amount of money. I’ve forgotten if it was a sports figure or an actor. In today’s society, it doesn’t seem to matter. The major criteria for receiving mega dollars seem to be determined by how much the audience will pay to watch the performer achieve.

Then why choose teaching for a career? I only half-listened to their conversation as I pondered the answer to that question. 

I remembered my three children watching me spend many nights and weekends planning for my class.  I remembered how they intently listened to my frustrations concerning materials, procedures and the amount of responsibility that seemed to endlessly be thrust into the laps of classroom teachers. I remembered how they eagerly awaited to hear stories of my classroom children: those funny ones; those when the children had successfully achieved; and those when I shared my grave concerns about my students.

I remembered when it came time for each of my own children to choose a profession. How I waited to hear if any had plans to follow Mom into teaching. Long deliberations held no mention of anyone becoming a teacher. I sadly realized it was not even going to be a consideration. Their body language seemed to say, “Why would I choose teaching?”

Dessert was being served, and everyone was still engrossed in the discussion of the enormous salary of one individual, when the phone rang. My husband handed the phone to me, saying, “They’re looking for Bonnie Block.” Then he resumed eating his favorite dessert.

“Hello, this is Bonnie Block,” I said, debating whether I should have even answered the phone during the family meal.

“Is this the Bonnie Block who used to teach kindergarten?”

A nervous sensation swelled in me, and my mind raced with memories of those days so long ago.

“Yes!” I exclaimed with a lump in my throat. It seemed like forever as I waited anxiously to hear what the caller would say next.

“I am Danielle—Danielle Russ. I was in your kindergarten class.”

Tears of surprise and joy rolled down my flushed cheeks.

“Yes,” I uttered softly as I remembered that darling, wonderful child.

“Well, I am graduating from high school this year, and I have been trying to find you. I wanted you to know what a difference you made in my life.”

She proceeded to give details of how I made that difference. My influence on her wasn’t limited to kindergarten but remained a strong motivating force when she needed a coach to help her meet a challenge. “I pictured you praising and encouraging me all the way.”

Why choose teaching?

The pay is great!


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